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What Is Nitric Oxide-“Get Diet Tips” Benefits Of Nitric Oxide- What Does Nitric Oxide Do-Best Source Of Nitric Oxide

If your suffering from poor circulation in your blood vessels you might be low on nitric oxide. If you lack energy, experience cold hands and feet or even experience  erectile dysfunction these could all be possible signs. Of course it could also be other more serious health issues so if you have any of the above symptoms you might want to see your physician.

If you feel perfectly well and do not experience any of the above issues but your wanting to get in shape and maybe build some muscle or just tone up then this will be of interest as well.

So what is nitric oxide and what does it do?( article source-Bel Marra Health)

Blood Pressure

As you age, you face an ever-increasing risk of developing problems with blood pressure. This is because Nitric Oxide helps regulate blood pressure by regulating blood flow in response to local changes. This includes regulating blood flow in the brain, heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, and kidneys.

Nitric Oxide works much like a dam controls water. It censors the water and when there is too much, it releases the flood gates to help control and support healthy pressure. In the body this is called “homeostasis”, and the autonomic nervous system attempts to control Nitric Oxide levels to keep a healthy consistent blood pressure.

Unfortunately as you age, Nitric Oxide can’t be produced in the same quantities as when you were younger, which leads to blood pressure issues!

Immune System

The immune cells within our body release Nitric Oxide to destroy bacteria, viruses and other harmful foreign elements that can cause an infection.

Blood Circulation

If Nitric Oxide were a piece of technology, it would be considered “smart” technology. It has the ability not just to regulate systemic blood pressure but also the local blood flow to specific regions, including the brain, kidneys, lungs, heart, and gastrointestinal tract.

Brain Functions

Imagine taking a snow sled and sliding down the side of a grassy hill. You might get down the hill, but it would be a long, slow process. Now imagine that hill covered with 6 inches of snow, creating a “slippery slope” you can whoosh down in seconds.

This is similar to how Nitric Oxide works with the nerve cells within your body. By acting as an intracellular messenger between cells, it speeds up communication between cells, leading to quick responses and an increase in focus and vigilance.


One of the most popular benefits of Nitric Oxide is that it stimulates, invigorates and amplifies the sexual response mechanism within the body. It does this by relaxing the penis muscles and opening up the cells to allow more blood for a healthy satisfying erection.

Digestive Tract

Your digestive system works best when it is properly lubricated and moving in a rhythmic motion to digest your food and push it down through your bowels. If you lack the lubrication, or you lack the rhythmic internal motion, it could result in chronic constipation and other digestion issues.

Nitric Oxide works by enhancing mucosal blood flow which provides lubrication and promotes peristalsis (the gentle rocking motion which pushes fecal matter through your bowels). This helps improve digestion, so you feel lighter and more energetic.

Here’s what doctors and clinical
researchers say about Nitric Oxide…

The real proponents of the power of Nitric Oxide in-the-trenches doctors and clinical researchers who have first-hand access to the remarkable properties and benefits Nitric Oxide can bring.

3 Great Ways
To Naturally Boost
Nitric Oxide Levels

1) Exercise – The harder you work your physical body, the harder your heart works to pump oxygen-rich blood to your cells.

2) Eat More Veggies – Veggies such as beets, leafy greens and watermelon do help increase Nitric Oxide by transforming the contained nitrate into Nitric Oxide.

3) Quality Supplements – For people over 40, supplements are a necessity to supply your body with much-needed Nitric Oxide that your body simply can’t produce on its own.

Just make sure your choose a quality supplement.

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