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Make Money As A Herbalist- How To Become A Health Coach-Healing Broken Bones With Herbs-Fight The Flu With Herbs-“Get Diet Tips” What Are Herbs Good For-Top Healthy Herbs-Herb Videos



Healing Broken Bones With Herbs

This is from a student at the School of Natural Healing.  Just shows what is really possible using herbal remedies:

It has now been three weeks since my daughter broke her collarbone, and if I hadn’t seen her healing with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it. The medical profession says  a collarbone typically takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal.  My daughter’s took two. Many of you, like my wife, won’t be surprised by this, but having not come from an herbalist’s background, things like this still amaze me. My wife has been studying herbs and natural healing for quite a while, so as she saw this healing occur her reaction was simply “Well yeah, that’s the way it works.”

On a Monday morning my 4-year-old little girl fell off the couch and landed just right to break  her collarbone. She immediately began screaming in pain, and not just the kind of screaming when a kid falls down and gets bumped. This was the type of screaming where you immediately know something is definitely wrong. All you parents know exactly what I’m talking about. She couldn’t be touched, she couldn’t be consoled, and she wouldn’t calm down.

Suspecting that something might be broken, we quickly went to the doctor’s office to get x-rays. The x-ray confirmed our suspicions and clearly showed her broken clavicle. While very nice and professional, the only thing the doctor suggested was a sling and gave her a prescription for Tylenol3. We thanked him very much, didn’t bother to fill the prescription, and went home. Now that we knew it was a broken bone, we knew exactly where to start working.

We immediately started giving her Comfrey tea with Willow to drink.  Comfrey is a bone and tissue healer while Willow helps to relieve pain (Aspirin was actually derived from Willow). We put a Complete Tissue And Bone (formerly known as Bone Flesh and Cartilage or BF&C formula) fomentation on her collarbone and kept it there for the rest of the day. We also gave her homeopathic Arnica dissolved in water frequently. Arnica has been used since the 1500s for treating injuries such as sprains, breaks and bruises.

Our routine over the next several days included 5 to 6 cups of Comfrey tea with Willow in it, fomentations most of the day and at night, Complete Tissue And Bone powder added to our green drinks in the morning, Complete Tissue And Bone oil rubbed on her clavicle, and homeopathic Arnica dissolved in water 3 or 4 times during the day.

So what were the results?

On Tuesday, the day after the accident, her collarbone was very painful, and she needed help with everything including going to the bathroom. She couldn’t color, and she spent the day watching movies, which kept her still. Wednesday she had a lot less pain and was generally moving around a lot more. Thursday her cousins came over and she played with them for several hours. She wore a sling for a few hours that day to remind her not to move her arm too much. Friday she went to see a ballet, took the sling off because it was annoying her, and was active all day. By Sunday she was happy and playing, carrying her baby dolls, dressing up, and even running, though her collarbone hurt slightly while running.

Over the following week she kept getting better and better. We kept the routine of giving her Comfrey tea with Willow, rubbing oil on her clavicle during the day, and putting fomentations on at night, though we reduced the frequency. By the following Tuesday, now two weeks since the break, she was acting as if it had never happened. In fact she even went swimming and was later bragging that she was able to do all of her strokes: freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and even butterfly. Later in the week she was even crawling.

It has now been three weeks and we still rub Complete Tissue And Bone oil on her collarbone and she has at least one cup of Comfrey tea each day. We also still add Complete Tissue And Bone powder to our green drinks in the morning.  She is acting like our active 4-year-old little girl again and, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never even guess that she ever broke her collarbone.

If you want to learn how to be your own health care provider, enroll inThe School of Natural Healing. Or if you just want to learn some more great health tips  Click here to read more.

Healing are bodies with herbs is a great alternative to dangerous prescription drugs.

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Cleansing Herbs for the Liver and More – Super Healing Herbs for Detoxification

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How to Combat Muscle Cramps (8 simple tricks)”Get Diet Tips”- Top Fitness Diet Tips-Weight Loss Videos

If you ever experience muscle cramps you know how bad they can hurt or even worse cause injury due to falls and trips. Check out these simply tricks to combat muscle cramps. “Get Diet Tips”

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We’ve all dealt with muscle cramps at some time or another, but did you ever stop to consider the causes of cramping in the first place and what you can do to prevent them?

First, it might be a good idea to narrow down what, exactly, a muscle cramp is anyway. According to Pub Med, a free online medical resource, muscle cramps are very common and are generally distinguished by a sudden onset of involuntary muscle contraction or spasm. They can be quite painful and can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours. Often, they are debilitating, and while they’re happening, you may not even be able to move.

Pain, stitch, spasm, cramp, twitch, charley horse… whatever you call it, the bottom line is that your muscles are cramping up. You know you’re in pain, but why does this cramp feel different from the last one you experienced? Are there different kinds of muscle cramps?

In short, yes. There are different types of cramps, and they can occur in both smooth muscle and skeletal muscle. Some may be exercise-induced while others can be due to a variety or even a combination of different factors. Here are the four main cramp distinctions:

  • • True cramps
  • • Tetany
  • • Contractures
  • • Dystonic

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“True cramps” are the most common and tend to involve a specific body part like your foot or part of your hand. These can be caused by exercising a little bit too hard or not resting enough and thus overexerting yourself. They can also occur during sleep, like the all-too-familiar charley horse. Sometimes, sleeping in an awkward position is enough to set yourself up for one of these cramps.

A “tetany” cramp is a spasming of all your muscles due to the nerves in your body being disrupted. This can happen for many different reasons including the presence of toxins in the body or even an imbalance in electrolytes or nutrients.

“Dystonic cramps” may not be as painful and may look more like a twitch, like an eye twitch, a hand cramp, or a clenching of your jaw. These tend to be experienced in smaller muscle groups and may be caused by repetitive motions resulting in overuse, and thus, spasms.

“Contracture cramping” is caused by scar tissue and tends to prevent the muscles from functioning and moving as they should. These cramps are, thankfully, less common than the other types of cramps. However, these could signal deeper medical issues, and it’s a good idea to check with your physician to ensure they’re not part of a bigger health problem.

Major Causes of Muscle Cramps

Which factors can cause the dreaded muscle cramps? There are myriad causes. Here’s a dive into some of the most common reasons your muscles may be cramping:

• Dehydration—some folks swear dehydration is a cause of muscle cramping while other camps say not so much. Either way, when your body is dehydrated, it’s never a good thing and can contribute to an imbalance in other nutrients in your body, which in turn could cause muscle cramping.• Poor circulation—this is a condition that affects you negatively in so many ways, and cramping may be one result.

• Not enough stretching—working muscles that are already shortened, tense, and inflexible is a recipe for disaster.

• Lack of flexibility—as mentioned above, just being inflexible can be the catalyst to cramping.

• Medications—you never know, but some medications you may be taking could even be the culprits when it comes to muscle spasms and pain. Check with your doctor and see if there are any likely offenders in your daily prescription lineup.

• Not enough nutrients—your body needs vitamins and minerals to function, as well as the macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. If you skip food groups or don’t get the nutrients your body requires, you’re setting yourself up for issues, including muscle cramps.

• Lack of electrolytes—when you exercise, sweat, get overheated, or otherwise lose fluids, you can upset the delicate balance of these vital nutrients. An electrolyte imbalance can cause a litany of health issues which can include either weak muscles or muscles which contract too severely, causing cramping.

• Overexertion—trying to push yourself too hard can cause your muscle to rebel. A cramp can be a shout out from your body telling you to ease up and give it a rest.

• A history of muscle cramps—a 2015 study cited on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website stated that having a history of muscle cramps can lead to a greater-than-average number of muscle cramps in the future. So, it does seem to show that some folks are more prone to muscle cramps than others, or that previous injury or etiology could contribute to a greater risk of future cramping.

With all that said, what in the world can you do to prevent these painful occurrences in the first place?

How to Prevent Muscle Cramps

Organic Super Greens- Click Here For Discount

It stands to reason that if the above items cause muscle cramping, then you probably want to do the exact opposite of what causes them, correct? Here are some methods to prevent cramping from occurring to begin with.

• Warm ups—it’s important to make sure you gently warm up your body and don’t just jump into a strenuous activity. This is a great rule of thumb, regardless, but when it comes to preventing injury and cramps, a solid warm up is a definite go. How should you warm up? Try a gentle walk on a treadmill for five to ten minutes. This should be relatively slow and not leave you out of breath.• Cool downs—these are probably just as important as warming up. You’re warmed up and you’ve been going strong, and then all of the sudden, you just stop what you’re doing. Your muscles are much more likely to remain calm if you slowly bring your body back down to normal function with another short, slower walk on the treadmill or some muscle-specific stretching and cool down exercises to engage the body part(s) you were just working.

• Proper nutrition—as always, it’s important to get the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs to replenish and heal itself. Magnesium, zinc, vitamins B, D, and E are all vital when it comes to smooth functioning muscles.

• Stretching—as mentioned above, stretching is a great way to engage your muscles without putting undue stress upon them.

• Drink water—drink throughout your day and definitely before, during, and after your workout. It’s important to stay hydrated. Avoid diuretics and make sure you keep some sodium in your diet, too, if you’re prone to cramping. It’s not helpful to drink water, but sweat it all out at the gym.

• Go bananas—a medium-sized banana has a little over 400 mg of potassium and is a good start toward providing your body with the nutrients it needs to prevent cramps.

• Don’t overdo it—always make sure to push yourself, but not too far. Use progressive training to make gains over time instead of trying to suddenly go from a light jog to running a marathon. Take time to build up endurance and strength so your muscles, tendons, and ligaments can acclimate and get stronger over time.

• Maintain your electrolyte balance—that means keeping potassium, sodium and chloride, calcium, magnesium, and phosphate (electrolytes) in sufficient supply. Make sure you eat a varied diet of fresh, natural whole foods, including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you exercise strenuously, you can also replenish with a sports drink or coconut water.

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How to Stop a Muscle Cramp Once It Starts

Now, if you aren’t able to prevent the muscle cramp, and you do end up getting one (this often happens when people sleep), what should you do?

• Stretch—while this is something you could have potentially done to prevent the spasm in the first place, it’s also useful once you’re mid-cramp.• Ice—is almost always a great remedy for what ails you. Icing the affected area can help the muscles and over-excited nerves “calm down.”

• Anti-inflammatories—these can be somewhat helpful, after the fact, in terms of reducing swelling and relax the nerves and muscles in the area.

• Give it a rest—this is probably an obvious one, but it could be overlooked as being much too simple to be effective. If you’ve been overusing a muscle or group of muscles and haven’t gotten sufficient nutrition, hydration, and stretching, you most likely need to lighten up a bit and give your muscles some downtime.

Now, you know the secrets to help you prevent muscle cramping, and what to do if you do experience a cramp. A muscle cramp here and there is a normal part of life, but do remember, if they become more frequent, it may be time for a visit to your physician. But, with proper nutrition, supplementation, rest, and stretching, you’ll be doing your best to maintain an environment that won’t cramp your lifestyle.

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10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

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Best Super Greens Video,”Get Diet Tips”,Benefits Of Super Greens,Organic Superfood Greens,Top Selling Supergreens

“Get Diet Tips”



These are some of the best super greens you’ll ever come across.

The Daily Dose Organic Super Greens

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The Daily Dose Organic Super Greens is a daily drink providing 38 essential ingredients for healthy and total immune support.

Packed with a powerhouse of healthy, antioxidant rich organic vegetables, super rich immunity mushrooms, flax seed, amino acids, fiber, phytonutrients, vitamin C and super fruits from around the world. The Daily Dose may enhance the alkalinity of your body. An alkaline body pH may ward off disease and sickness, including cancer. In general, disease thrives on an acidic pH. The Daily Dose Super Greens may help make your body pH become more alkaline.

Super Greens Benefits

Natural Detox, Cleansing Support, Immune System Booster, Cellular Regeneration, Weight Management, Digestion Support, Optimum Alkalinity and pH Balancing, Cardiovascular Health, High Levels of Phytonutrients including Chlorophyll, Powerful Seas Vegetables, Anti-Aging Free Radical Scavenger, 215% Vitamin C, Higher Body Oxygenation, Energy Enhancer, Mineral & Iodine Support. Nutrition from our Daily Dose Organic Super Greens contains vital ingredients such as fiber, flaxseed, medical mushrooms, spirulina, chlorella, kelp, fucoidan, cruciferous vegetables, and a vital 215% of Vitamin “C” RDA per serving.

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The Daily Dose Additional Benefits

– Provides nutrient-rich organic vitamins and minerals to the cells in your body which will give you more energy than you’ve ever had before.

– SATURATES your body with many powerful sea vegetables that are not present in other vitamins and nutritional products.

– Strengthens your body’s immune system by providing a powerful combination of clinically tested medicinal mushrooms.

– High in Vitamin C (215%), a critical antioxidant that protects and defends your body from free radical damage.

– BOOSTS the immune system and also boosts immune function.

– REGENERATES your body’s cells by providing 38 Essential, POWERFUL and nutrient-rich ingredients.

– Combines SUPER-NUTRITION with SUPER BIO-AVAILABILITY that absorbs into your body in seconds.

And, The Daily Dose Super greens is USDA Certified Organic!


The Daily Dose is Loaded with a complete antioxidant formulation to fight free radicals.

Weight Loss

Adding nutrition from green superfoods can help with weight loss, because the greens nutrients will help to curb your appetite.

Daily Dose Product Facts

The Daily Dose Organic Super Greens is Free of processed sugars, syrup, gluten, corn, salt, hydrogenated oils, soy, dairy, egg, yeast, caffeine, synthetic sweeteners, artificial color, fragrance, preservatives, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).

Free of heavy metals, sodium benzoate, potassium chloride, or other artificial preservatives. No heat, acid, or chemicals used during processing.

Contains no flow agents, fillers or excipients.

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Best Diet Tips-Videos-How To Lose Weight-“Get Diet Tips”-Top Diet Tips-Diet Videos-Fat Burning Systems

Best Diet Tips Videos-“GetDietTips”

Natural Hemp CBD Supplements

Best Supplements For Fat Loss

CBD Hemp Oil


Top Super foods You Need To Add To Your Diet:”GetDietTips”

Top Superfoods


As you stand in line at the grocery store, you’ve surely seen headlines on the front cover of nearly every “health” magazine touting the next “superfood.” For a while, it seemed like there was a new so-called superfood hitting the grocery store or supplement shop every month—each one more exotic than its predecessor—from açai berries to mangostene to goji berries to maca powder.

What are superfoods anyway? Why do you need to make sure they’re in your diet?

In the most basic terms, superfoods are foods that provide an abundance of nutrients; in other words, they’re nutrient-dense foods. However, there’s no set standard, so it’s a fairly broad, subjective category. Having said that, the word “superfood” can now be found in the dictionary, where is often defined as a food that is rich in compounds considered beneficial to a person’s health.

The top superfoods are a wealth of antioxidants, others provide healthy fats, some are higher in fiber, and still others are loaded with phytonutrients (the chemicals responsible for the rainbow of colors we enjoy in plant foods). Many hit a number of these criteria, and because they’re so nutrient-dense, they’re believed to help people live healthier, more vibrant lives.

The good news is that you can easily include some of the more impressive superfoods in your nutrition plan. And to make sure you’re on the right track, we wanted to share our top superfoods list of 6 (mostly) common, highly recommended superfoods and exactly why they’re, well, super:

Our 6 Top Superfoods

Try these natural hemp products
1. Spirulina

Admittedly, spirulina is somewhat of a new kid on the superfood block; it’s easily the most unusual on the list, but it’s just got so many benefits, we had to include it. In fact, we consider it Nature’s Ultimate Super Food. Spirulina is a formidable nutrient powerhouse, providing high-quality protein, including all the essential amino acids; an impressive list of vitamins and minerals, like iron, magnesium, potassium, and B12; and potent levels of antioxidants.

2. Blueberries

Honestly, all berries are worthy of the title of “superfood,” but blueberries hold a top spot as one of the most nutrient-dense foods around. These delicious bursts of flavor provide a profusion of phytonutrients (including anthocyanins, flavonols, and resveratrol), are rich in vitamins (especially vitamin C) and antioxidants, and also provide soluble fiber. Plus, berries are lower in sugar and calories than many other fruits, so they help support healthy carbohydrate metabolism and glycemic control.

Nutrition Fact: More than 220 million Americans fail to get the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables each day. MetaboGreens 45X is a simple, great tasting, and energizing greens supplement yielding the antioxidant power of over 20 servings of fruits and vegetables in each delicious scoop.

Special Offer: Get Metabo Greens 45X up to 31% OFF + FREE Shipping (very limited inventory)

3. Cinnamon

Ah… the rich smell and flavor of cinnamon. This popular spice has been used around the world for thousands of years and is believed to be one of the most beneficial spices (and top superfoods) on earth due to its health-promoting properties. Cinnamon provides up to 41 different protective antioxidants, and it has been shown to have positive effects on digestion while adding a sweet flavor. Along with a healthy diet, cinnamon can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. You don’t need much for its purported health benefits: a mere half teaspoon may help support digestion, immune function, cognitive function, and carbohydrate metabolism.

4. Beans

What?! Beans are so common, so humble. How can they be considered one of the top superfoods?

Beans are indeed one of the most undervalued superfoods. Yet they’re completely affordable, super easy to find, and so rich in a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Plus, they provide slow-digesting carbs, and they’re a good source of protein, helping to keep you feeling full for longer as well as helping to support glycemic control, which means they may help support weight management. With a healthy serving of soluble fiber, beans have been shown to support heart health.

Finally, they’re so very versatile. Whether used as a main dish, a side dish, or even the secret ingredient in brownies, you can easily take advantage of their nutrient-density as you support your health and weight-loss goals.

5. Avocados

Avocados are another favorite food that had to be included on our top superfoods list. Avocados are not only creamy and delicious, they are also nutrient-dense. They’re high in fiber, and they’re packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as well as healthy monounsaturated fats. Interestingly, they provide more potassium than bananas and also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidant carotenoids known for supporting eye health and vision, cognitive function, and heart health. And because avocados help reduce hunger and increase satiety, they have been shown to help promote weight loss.

7 Fats That Fight Fat:

While you may have been told that fatty foods are BAD news for your waistline, what you probably didn’t realize is that there are certain “exotic super fats” (like avocados mentioned above) that can actually accelerate your fat burning and reduce stomach flab… FAST!Learn how to get these 7 super fats in your diet more often here (and watch the belly fat melt off)

==>These 7 FATTY FOODS reduce stomach flab FAST

And one more reason to add avocados to your nutrition plan: one study suggests that people who eat avocados tend to be healthier than those who don’t.

6. Whey Protein

While top superfoods are often considered to be part of the plant world, that isn’t always the case. Whey protein also fits the superfood bill with exceptional nutrient density and health benefits, including enhanced muscle recovery, strength, and hypertrophy; appetite control and weight management; immune support; heart health; and even healthy aging. When it comes to protein quality, whey is often crowned the king, and it’s an excellent source of protein. To read more in-depth on the benefits of whey, check out Coach Tim’s recent Whey Protein article.

Our Top Recommendation: BioTrust Low Carb Protein.
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There are some caveats when it comes to whey protein, however. How whey is processed, the dairy cows it comes from, and the use (or lack thereof) of artificial sweeteners can either greatly enhance or reduce how super this food is. So, make sure you research your whey protein and go with a brand you can trust.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to make your diet super. While some superfoods are exotic, but many can easily be found at your local grocery store. And the above is our short list of top superfoods. Others include kale, broccoli, salmon and other fish, and even apples and tomatoes. The main point is to eat a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods—your health, waistline, and taste buds will all thank you!

These Foods Slow Weight Loss:”GetDietTips”

Did you know there are certain foods (including several fruits and veggies) that when you eat them, they actually SLOW your results?  In reality, eating these foods could be the difference between losing 10 – 20 pounds quickly, or it taking WEEKS to lose even a single pound.

Do you want to lose flab SLOWER than you could be?  I don’t think anybody wants that!  That’s why it’s critically important that you never eat these waist-expanding “healthy” foods, EVER.

Fortunately, we just wrote a brand new report that you can download for free today, showing you 8 of the absolute WORST health foods for your waistline.

Download it in a few seconds here:

==>AVOID these fruits and veggies (they pile on BELLY FAT)

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What Are The Benefits Of Resveratrol- What Is Resveratrol-Get Diet Tips-Resveratrol Supplement-Resveratrol Weight Loss

Resveratrol is part of a group of compounds called polyphenols. They’re thought to act like antioxidants, protecting the body against damage that can put you at higher risk for things like cancer and heart disease. It’s in the skin of red grapes, but you can also find it in peanuts and berries.Aug 29, 2016(source: web Md)
Watch this video from are friend Mark Hyman, M.D to discover benefits of Resveratrol.

Achieve Longevity with Resveratrol

Resveratrol, found in the skins of red grapes and red wine, continues to reveal new health benefits Resveratrol, the key ingredient in red wine, gained notoriety a few years ago after several animal studies found that it extends life. Since then, more than two dozen human studies have shown that the supplement improves health in many ways. “Resveratrol is a very powerful activator of our genes, which determine sickness or health,” says Joseph Maroon, MD, team neurosurgeon to the Pittsburgh Steelers and author of The Longevity Factor: How Resveratrol and Red Wine Activate Genes for a Longer and Healthier Life.

Genes are not constantly active. “They sit there in our cells,” Maroon explains, “and do nothing until acted upon.” For example, if you eat a greasy burger, it triggers a mechanism that tells your genes to produce inflammatory agents. In contrast, if you eat a Mediterranean diet that includes plenty of fresh vegetables and healthy fats, it signals your genes to produce anti-inflammatory substances. Just like a healthy diet, resveratrol activates genes in a positive way. More specifically, says Maroon, these are its key effects:

Calming Inflammation


Melt Away Stubborn Fat With This

 Long-standing inflammation underlies many chronic conditions, including heart disease, stroke, arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and even weight gain. In arteries, inflammation causes platelets to accumulate and blood to clot, blocking blood flow and possibly leading to heart attacks or strokes.

Resveratrol has an anti-inflammatory effect. In a year-long Spanish trial, researchers compared the effects of resveratrol, a placebo, and a grape supplement that didn’t contain resveratrol on 75 people at high risk for heart disease. In the study, published in The American Journal of Cardiology, those taking resveratrol reduced inflammation by 26 percent as measured with high-sensitivity C-reactive protein tests, a standard medical tool to gauge chronic inflammation. Other risk markers were also substantially reduced. Neither the grape supplement nor the placebo demonstrated any beneficial effects.


This and other research has found that resveratrol may also protect the heart in another way: By reducing the stickiness or viscosity of blood, which can lead to dangerous clots.

Balancing Blood Sugar

Several studies have found that in type 2 diabetics and other people with abnormalities in blood sugar or insulin, resveratrol helps to restore normal function, which is the key to preventing or treating diabetes. In one study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, researchers concluded that resveratrol improves insulin sensitivity, which enables blood sugar to be utilized for energy rather than accumulating in the blood and damaging arteries. And the supplement doesn’t reduce blood sugar that is at healthy levels.

Diabetes Miracle Shake

Protecting Against Tumors

Animal studies found that resveratrol protects against growths that may develop into cancer, especially in the skin, colon, liver, and pancreas. And in cell studies, it has actually stopped the growth of cancer cells.

Enhancing Performance

Resveratrol may enhance physical and mental performance, according to a study at Marywood University in Scranton, Pa. In a group of 51 sedentary people, researchers compared the effects of a placebo versus a supplement with resveratrol, grape extract, and quercetin, taken for three months. The supplement helped the heart work more efficiently during exercise and improved verbal memory.

Living Longer?

Studies show that resveratrol is a strong antioxidant, considered beneficial in protecting against premature aging and disease in general. In fruit flies, worms, fish, and mice, resveratrol has actually extended lifespan. Will it do the same for people? Because humans live much longer than the tested animals, it will take decades for scientists to reach a definitive conclusion. Meanwhile, human studies have shown that resveratrol supplements are safe and beneficial.

(Article Source:Regeneration USA)

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Go Diabetes Free Video



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How does sugar affect the body?-diseases caused by sugar-how to control sugar disease

There are currently over 29 million Americans affected by diabetes. All though there are other factors that contribute to some one being effected by this horrible disease one of the biggest contributors is one’s diet. The over consumption of sugar in the majority of all consumed foods especially artificial sweeteners.

And it’s not just diabetes that excess sugar causes. It also causes heart disease, fatty liver, joint pain, headaches,wrinkles and more. Find out the health risk of eating to much sugar in your diet and how to reverse the health risk.

Total Body Health Supplements

Miracle Diabetes Free Video

Death By Sugar

The recent research on ‘Added Sugar’ (Ref: Cardiovascular disease JAMA Feb, 2014) was very clear. The higher the added sugar content of your daily calories consumed, the greater your risk of dying from Heart Disease. As Dr. Chauncey Crandall, one of America’s top cardiologists, covered in his recent ‘Heart Health’ newsletter, glucose (along with e numbers in prepared and packaged foods), causes chronic inflammation in the arteries and this causes the fat to ‘take hold’.

Heart disease and cancer are now equal first in America as causes of death, comprising over 50 per cent of the total. The most common sources of ‘added glucose’ are soft drinks, from Coca Cola to Ribena (37%), grain deserts (puddings) at about 13.7% and categories such as ice cream and dairy desserts (6.1%), smoothies and supermarket fruit juices (8.9%), and chocolate and biscuits (5.8%) following well back. But it doesn’t stop there. Such ‘added sugar’ feeds cancer cells, which (unlike healthy cells) are inflexible. They need glucose, without which they wither and die (although there is some evidence that an amino acid, glutamine, in protein may be used sometimes as a fallback).

Inflammation Cure

Chronic inflammation is also a factor in cancer, both in cause and in metastases and, as with Heart Disease, insulin lies behind these as it affects COX-2 which drives bad localized hormones called eicosanoids. In 2010 Tian Xu of Yale concluded these localized hormones turned on two cancer-causing genes. What is also apparent is that people with the highest levels of plasma glucose develop more cancers; while those people with cancer that do not control their plasma glucose levels, survive least.

In the face of all the mounting evidence on the damage glucose causes, is it not time to ask why hospitals continue to serve sugar-ladened ice cream, have drinks machines selling the leading culprits outside every ward, and even supply patients having chemotherapy with booklets on diet suggesting they eat cheeseburgers, doughnuts, milkshakes and sugary drinks? Of course, no one wants patients dying of cachexia – but this affects only 7% of the total at most. Should the other cancer patients be exposed to the risks inherent in encouraging them to eat cancer-stimulating foods? And why not follow Professor Seyfried of Boston, and others, who point out that there is clear research that omega-3 in fish oils can dramatically reduce the risk of cachexia.

Glucose is a dangerous chemical toxin that pervades our lives and damages our health. It is time Governments, and especially our health service providers, got a grip on the reality.

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